Year: 2019
Position: Character Designer
Agency: Illozoo
Publisher: Group Publishing Inc

I worked with the Agency Illozoo and the publisher Group Publishing Inc on a children’s book, which I had never done before. It was a great project because I took an approach like I used to do on 2D animation: trying to reuse as many elements as I could for the environment and then focus on the character work.


Copyright ©Group Publishing


The publisher was very nice to allow me direct the art however I wanted to.

My idea was to play with different choices of colors for the Savanna: I started by limiting myself to just 3 type of greens for the ground, then I wanted to make the shadows purple and as the trees fade away into the background then play with a pink. At the same time I didn’t want to push the values that much and instead keep them very close between themselves, making the characters pop more. If you notice sometimes the pinks of the flowers blend with the green of the ground but if you look closely you’ll find those details. I hope you enjoy!