Film / TV


Year: 2019
Position: Character Designer
Director: Mike Mitchell
Co-Director: Trisha Gum
Production Designer: Patrick Hanenberg

I was hired by Patrick Hanenberg to help on the Character Design team but having a different approach to the Legos. He requested me to not think about the limitation of movement Lego has and to just come up with ideas for the characters. 

Unfortunately I did not received any of  my artwork from this movie and was not credited.

ULTRAKATTY. I worked on the concept of Ultrakatty. Then that drawing got built into Lego pieces. 

REX. For this character I only got to work on the Expression’s sheet. Then those expressions were translate to the rig by the Animator Uri Alonim.

SWEET MAYHEM. I worked for at least 2-3 months on this character with Patrick Henenberg. She was such a cool character to explore and we went back and forth on her designs. 

I also worked on her Expression’s sheet again with Animator Uri Alonim.