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LEGO MOVIE 2 Year: 2019Position: Character DesignerDirector: Mike MitchellCo-Director: Trisha GumProduction Designer: Patrick Hanenberg I was hired by Patrick Hanenberg to help on the

The Ark and the Aardvark

THE ARK AND THE AARDVARK movie Year: 2017Position: Character Designer I was in charge of developing character expressions and secondary characters. The project was

Legend of Hallowaiian

LEGEND OF HALLOWAIIAN Year: 2016Position: Character Designer I was hired to create early characters concepts for a Netflix Original Special pitch Atomic Cartoons was

Passion Pictures

PASSION PICTURES Year: 2017Commercial PitchPosition: Character Development I had the pleasure to work with one of my favourite studios. Passion Pictures asked me to


STUNT ANIMALS Year: 2016Position: Character Development Rovio asked us to develop some characters for a 3D pitch project  they had based on a comic. 
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